Digital breath alcohol tester al1 инструкция

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You should never trust a personal breathalyzer to tell you if you’re too drunk to drive—you shouldn’t drive if you’ve been drinking, period. Beyond that, this fuel-cell-based tool is simple to use, portable, hygienic, and easy to read and interpret. This procedure was irritating enough while I was sober; drunk, I nearly dropped my phone. Unlike the S80 Pro, however, in our tests the Element provided inaccurate readings against those that the police department’s testing equipment offered. However, if any of them emerge as unpredictably strong contenders in casual use over the next few months, we will put them to a more rigorous test for the next update of this guide. But as our readers pointed out to us after we first published this guide, in some circumstances a personal breathalyzer can be a useful tool. So we’d like to go over that topic before we explain why our pick is the best at what it does.

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