Foot massager fm 3830 инструкция

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Работает от сети 220 В. Рекомендации по уходу и хранению Перед тем как очищать массажер, отключите устройство от сети. Не используйте для очищения корпуса массажера жесткие металлические щетки, различные растворители и полироли, содержащие спирт и бензол. You can also purchase an additional mobile caster to allow you to move this foot spa around for storage or travel. Some models tend to get clogged when those elements are added, or their mechanical parts may corrode. They can also help improve the condition of the feet in general. Relaxing in any best foot bath machine right in the comfort of your own home helps the stress flow out of the body. In addition, it helps ensure that your feet are clean and also smooth.

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