Gtr 300v инструкция пользователя

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Still the Obstinate, Noisy Beast We Know and (Mostly) Love Not that Godzilla has gone soft. In corners, the 2015 Nissan GT-R is as flat, fast, and fearless as every R35-chassis GT-R that’s come before. With the additional dimension of a civilized ride, there’s no question that the 2015 edition of the Nissan GT-R is the company’s best execution of the car so far. Despite a new Bose active-noise-cancellation system, the GT-R remains a cacaphonous beast. The 121.5 emergency frequency is also never more than a button press away; simply hold down the frequency swap button to tune it. Rather, we’re fascinated that Nissan has made substantial updates to the GT-R in almost every model year since its 2009 introduction. The GTR 200 offers 25 kHz channel spacing and utilizes a standard density 37-pin connector for easy installation.

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