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The EC820.B Pump-Driven Espresso Maker, in a contemporary black and chrome finish, can make coffee using both ground coffee and ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods for added convenience and makes both espresso and cappuccino. Also known as: DeLonghi Pump Italian passion for coffee makes De’Longhi’s EC820B an incredible espresso machine. I created this Comparison Chart to help you sort through all the excellent espresso machines on the market. It contains information on: Espresso Machine brand and model Rating – The average user rating on Amazon. Finally, the materials are also given a positive critique because they feel sturdy and have the look of a high-end product with the black gloss finish and chrome detailing. The process begins in selecting either of the following: single or double filter, or the ESE filter, which are each helpfully embossed on the bottom to avert any possible mix-ups.

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