Инструкция head adapt edge 90

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Both Schick and Gillette have publicly stated that future growth will likely come from multifunctional products like the Fusion ProGlide Groomer and the Hydro Groomer. In the rest of the world, though, there’s still plenty of room for shaving innovation. Both razor sellers operate the same way: Pick a razor and blade—Dollar offers double-, quad-, and six-blade (!) options; Harry’s offers only a five-blade model—and a delivery frequency. Only after a patented invention by a failed messiah, and a particularly gruesome military advance, would the modern era of shaving take hold. Overall, it’s the best combination of value, speed, and closeness of shave. Johnnie Hurley, a Gillette worker from Boston who was serving in France, put it bluntly: “Every soldier ‘over here’ carries a Gillette Safety Razor in his kit. We have to shave almost every day, on account of gas.

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