Инструкция к audi simphony 2

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The Audi version of the PhatBox, sold through Audi dealers, has special firmware and a special interface adapter. The CD magazine (part # 4D0 051 179), however, is actually the Alpine 4905, and can be bought from an Alpine car stereo dealer. Please check this quick guide (.pdf) for more infomation. GROM-MST4-BMWO4: usage manual of GROM kit in BMW fiber-optic with iDrive Usage manual for GROM-MST4 unit in BMW with M.O.S.T. fiber optic stereo and iDrive. You can install the system yourself, or have the dealer do it for you. Specific Modules: 01-Engine: — KWP-1281 VCDS works well with all engines available in the U.S. and most engines that users have tested in overseas markets.

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