Инструкция как настроить effector saver

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Same Mode — Used in conjunction with Scene, triggers only clips in tracks that are set to the same Press mode (set by right-clicking tracks in the Playlist). Snap — Disable Trigger Sync settings. Установка Effector Saver 3. Для начала скачаем ее с официального сайта разработчиков . Add .unityproj’s to .sln Should Unity add UnityScript (.unityproj) and Boo (.booproj) projects to the generated solution (.sln) file? Controls This section covers the Controls that can be placed on tabs. Typical networking scenarios would be a computer connected to a Wi-Fi capable modem/router either by Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable and the Android/iOS device/s connected by Wi-Fi to the same network OR a laptop working as an Ad-hoc Wi-Fi network, and the Android/iOS device/s connected directly to that. Colliders that you use with the effector would typically not be set as triggers so that other colliders can collide with it.

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