Инструкция на denon avr-1612 на русском

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Mus.) ; — Ulisse di Teseo Aldrovandi ; I^, sensibvs naec imis res EST NON PARVA REPONiT. Cock ; signed T. R.on both sides (42 mill. ; Brit. Obv. Mm. mullet; olivar-pro-eng-sc-irl-, lozenges in legend, Laureate and draped bust of the Protector similar to the preceding but entirely within the inner circle; ^L. No Mm. charitie- AND CHANGE. Crowncd shield ot arms as on last piece. Ill , p. 373, 267). 6. Pattern Half CrawnQ) Obv. As last, with legend : carolvs: D : g: mag : brit : fra : et.hib. rex. fide : ^L. Full blown rose within a laurel-wreath border. Spink and Son at the Montagu Sale (Cat.

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