Lj 2055 инструкция

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Figure 6-10 Remove the pickup roller assembly; Tray 2 (2 of 5) Slide the collar away from the rollers. Коды ошибок Canon pixma mx920, mx921, mx922, mx923 сброс ошибок. Skin oils on the roller can cause print-quality problems. Figure 6-25 Remove the right cover (3 of 5) Release three tabs (callout 3). Figure 6-26 Remove the right cover (4 of 5) 116 Chapter 6 Removal and replacement ENWW… Page 129: Reinstall The Right Cover Carefully slide the cover toward the front of the product, and then remove it. See Left cover on page 118. Disconnect one connector (callout 1), release three tabs (callout 2), and then remove the switch. Коды ошибок Canon pixma mx924, mx925, mx926, сброс ошибок.

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