Petsafe 12470 инструкция

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Explosive and strength of the dog, the owner will be pulling forward Ben, giving a “dog stroll people” feeling. Product Description The PetSafe Yard & Park Trainer Add-A-Dog receiver collar makes it easy to train multiple dogs at the same time using the same remote. Reviewed by Kealin E. from Everett, UT on 1/16/2011 correct order, arrived on time! very happy! Reviewed by Cinaed P. from Kalispell, ME on 12/6/2011 Have used this product for a couple of months now and have been very satisfied. Reviewed by Kallan M. from Eau Claire, MN on 5/23/2011 Although deliver got delayed, the shipping was upgraded to priority. This change is subversive, even if the great strength of the dog, just a pull, will be able to listen to instructions, obediently obedient.

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