Portable powerbank инструкция

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Then again, it could be me, I have sweaty palms.Somewhat short charging cable, then again, this is meant to be a portable charger thus this is not a big issue.Unlike other power bank, XiaoMi Mobile powerbank comes with ‘Pass trhough Charging’ capability. Please pay attention to your mobile phone on the battery level during the charging time. To place a claim, proof of purchase from ChargeTech or an Authorized ChargeTech Dealer is required. Charging Mobile phone using Power Bank Power bank charging the mobile phone 1) Plug USB cable to Power Bank output port and connect other side with adaptable connector to the mobile phone. The LED light will turn to blinking blue color during charging and the Blue LED light will be static when the power bank is fully charged. 2) Press the on/off button once will display the battery level on the power bank.

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