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Invest in a decent iron and at least you’ll make quicker work of what can otherwise seem like the dullest household task going. There’s a light to tell you if you need to refill the water and it gets hot nice and quickly. Buy now 3. Hoover Ironspeed SRD4110, £175, amazon Most people associate Hoover with vacuum cleaners, but their multisteam technology means their machines can make light work of your ironing too. In fact, the only downside is the brush attachment, which can lack pressure. The 915 Power Steamer is great at removing wallpaper, and is also a versatile system that allows you to quickly clean and sanitize your home. Отпариватель Steam Brush можно использовать для разглаживания и очистки любых видов тканей. И неважно, будь это шелк, органза, тюль или шерстяные вещи – эта чудо-щетка великолепно справится со своей работой.

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