Usb disk recorder инструкция

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You can’t always trust the descriptions on eBay. Use Edison as follows: Load Edison — Select a Mixer track and press (Shift+E). This loads Edison in the first empty FX slot ready to record with ‘Slave playback to host’ and Record ‘On play’ enabled. This will provide glitch-free recordings with the advantage that Edison will place region markers at the start of each loop-back for precise selection of the preferred loop. Exporting recorded audio — There are three main ways to export audio from Edison into FL Studio: Send to Playlist button, Left or Right-click to: Left-click: Send to Playlist as Audio Clip (Shift+C) — Dumps the selection to the Playlist as an Audio Clip. With one battery charge, a person could record most of their working day with this in a shirt pocket, or a student could record a week of classes.

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